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Temporary Transformation Payment

NDIA introduced TTP in the latest Price Guide effective 1 March 2021, which replaced the Temporary Support for overheads to service provider. The TTP is a charge on top of the base rate price limit for attendant care and community and centre-based activities.

TTP Pricing Requirements

NDIS For You had to follow minimum requirements set out by the NDIA, to find out more information you can read about in the NDIS Price guide 2020-2021.
NDIS For you charge according to the Temporary Transformation Payment price limit in the NDIS Support Catalogue to a range of support categories. This includes daily personal activities, high intensity daily personal activities , group and center-based activities, , participation in community, social and civic activities. For list of the services covered by TTP, please refer the NDIS Price Guide 2020-21 and support catalogue.

You can read more about the support items and find TTP price list in the NDIS price guide 2020 – 21 and the NDIS support catalogue.

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